“Individual commitment to a group effort–that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”

Emanuele Moretti


Moretti, who was previously founder and  head of acquisitions at Phoenix Entertainment and CEO of Alberini Films, has produced genre movies including Bite and Deprivation, and served as an executive producer on Lindsay Lohan pic Among The Shadows. He is also a producer on Peter Greenaway’s feature Walking To Paris, about the early life of acclaimed 20th Century sculptor Constantin Brancusi. He served as Buyer for Spain and Italy

Riccardo Grattarola


Riccardo is an aspiring director currently working for Motus Studio. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and later obtained a Master in Audiovisual Languages at the IED in Rome. He approaches cinema as a set photographer after a long and fruitful experience in advertising and city information. His first film is Jezebel’s road in 2009 and ever since then the set has become his natural habitat, along with the woods of northern Lazio. Photographer, assistant cameraman, D.o.P.,  production line producer, unit manager, location manager, are some of the roles he has held in productions such as Sins Expiation, Winemaker’s Son, Walking to Paris, Assassin Club and other independent productions. 

Alessia Alciati


Alessia’s passion for cinema started at very young age, watching many movies. Always interested in creating her own projects, she graduated in screenwriting and studied filmmaking to be able to direct her own projects. At the same    time, combining the skills gained over the years, she began working in production to study at 360°, the path, the construction and sale of a movie. She works with Kees Kassander, Peter Greenaway’s producer, and then she started her  work at the Motus Studios, where she is handling both the sales and the production part. 

Taylor Williams


Taylor interned in Legal and Business Affairs at numerous film production companies in LA. He then became a Television Development Executive for Warner Bros before embarking on his producing endeavors. Taylor furthered his industry knowledge by studying at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London and cinematic arts at NYU Tisch. He has been instrumental in developing, casting and producing television shows and feature length movies for network, cable television and digital platforms, including content featured at the Cannes Film Festival, Netflix, Amazon, Pureflix, Lifetime, Hallmark, NBC, The CW, and TNT. 

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Sorin Baluta


He has graduated with a First Class Honours from my course BA Film and Television Production at University of Westminster 2017-2020. : He started his professional journey as a Deliverables Coordinator for The Mise En Scene Sales Agency. He transitioned then into the departments of Sales & Acquisitions for companies such as Motus Studios, Studio Atlantic, Wildstar International. During this time, Sorin was able to participate in the most notable film festivals/markets:Berlin Film Festival 2021, Cannes Film Festival 2021, Locarno Film Festival 2021, Toronto International Film Festival 2021